PROJECT 1:  Community Outreach

Outreach is defined as the activity of meeting someone in need and serving the need at the location where they are.

MCTA’s Outreach will be defined as reaching out to the greater Mid Columbia areas, and becoming involved in the local community, including school districts and parks and recreation activities. When the MCTA reaches out, it is doing so to help grow tennis.


PROJECT 2:  Community Partnerships

MCTA Community Partnerships is a deeper initiative to reach out to organizations that are non-traditional to tennis with the aim to both grow the game of tennis and to provide reach back support of mutual beneficial values. We value going beyond the tennis community to grow the tennis community.


PROJECT 3:  Rally Ball Events

MCTA Rally Ball Events very limited, time-based tennis activities to introduce the flavor of tennis and the thrill of simply rallying a ball. We want to create more opportunities for impromptu events to inspire the casual passerby to experience success with a rally ball and a smile! Our motto is anytime, anyplace, anywhere and we'll be targeting the type of audience that has little to no previous experience with a racquet in their hand. Why you might ask? MCTA does not see tennis with limitations. Our imagination for the sport permits us to look beyond the lines, nets, and courts. Look for MCTA to hit the streets, the parking lots, the parks, and shopping areas. Stay tuned to our social media. 


PROJECT 4:  Junior Team Tennis

MCTA Junior Team Tennis is a stretch goal for Fall 2021 ... and it is a lot easier with the right amount of volunteers. Building on Rally Ball events in the community, MCTA values team work and social skills that tennis brings in life. Afterall, tennis is not an individual sport where it takes at least two to rally and play. Our vision is to provide a series of short competitive formats on select days. We believe the tennis journey doesn't have to start alone and that the pathway to nurturing players starts with developing opportunities for youth to connect and then discover their athletics side. Bring on the foam balls, the red balls, the yellow balls and let's jamboree. Stay tuned for more information here and through social media.