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PROJECT 1:  Pasco Schools

One of the first things that the MCTA did was to give equipment to Pasco Middle Schools and High Schools.  Having racquets, sheds, carts, targets and  training balls, Pasco schools have equipment needed to learn the sport!

PROJECT 2:  Prosser and Benton City

We are pleased to announce our assistance to the Prosser and Benton City tennis program in 2017 was a success. With the donated carts, tennis balls, and racquets, the tennis program was able to get more kids involved than ever before.


PROJECT 3:  Kennewick & Richland High Schools

In much the same way that Pasco, Prosser and Benton City benefited from non perishable equipment.  Many of the High Schools now have racquets and equipment because of the MCTA.  This gives these programs the ability to have larger JV programs and juniors the ability to learn the sport with proper equipment.


PROJECT 4:  Junior Team Tennis​

MCTA Junior Team Tennis is a stretch goal for Fall 2021 ... and it is a lot easier with the right amount of volunteers. Building on Rally Ball events in the community, MCTA values team work and social skills that tennis brings in life. Afterall, tennis is not an individual sport where it takes at least two to rally and play. Our vision is to provide a series of short competitive formats on select days. We believe the tennis journey doesn't have to start alone and that the pathway to nurturing players starts with developing opportunities for youth to connect and then discover their athletics side. Bring on the foam balls, the red balls, the yellow balls and let's jamboree. Stay tuned for more information here and through social media.

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