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MCTA Mission Statement:

"To grow the lifelong sport of tennis in the Mid-Columbia region by providing needed equipment, opportunity and resources"



Submit Requests for Equipment, Opportunities, and resources

MCTA is accepting requests for needed equipment, opportunity, and resources from schools on a first-come first-served basis while supplies last! MCTA will review each request on a case-by-case basis and make a determination from the the Fulfillment Request Form. 

Requests must include:

  1. Coach’s name

  2. School name

  3. Request purpose (e.g. Equipment, Opportunity, Resources)

  4. Requested need(s)

  5. Number of students supported by tennis program 


Whether you'd like to donate money, racquets, grips, unused string, or volunteer your time, we'd appreciate any and all you can do.

LINK TO Donatable Items


The smoothness to any event can definitely be traced back to all the hard working volunteers. If you'd like to become a volunteer for any of our events, please send us your info by clicking the link below.  We'd love to have you as a part of our team!



Sign-Up for Community Tennis in the Parks!

Playing outdoor tennis in the Tri-Cities has a new league coming to a court near your. Become an MCTA member through the USTA. Join a season tennis league and schedule your matches at select court locations throughout the area. Choose from a variety of options for adults to play doubles or mixed doubles and take advantage of the drop-in clinics just for being a member. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced player that is more interested in tennis for fun than the competitive circuit, Tri-Cities tennis leagues are a fresh new way to play outdoors where the court and your game collide in a fun environment.

MCTA Membership, Clinics, and Drop-In Play!

  • MCTA Membership - an annual nominal fee to facilitate the basic administration and maintenance of MCTA activities. Membership shall include the following free and discounted benefits:

    • Free tennis clinics and drop-in play

    • Discounted tennis leagues

    • Discounted official MCTA-hosted tennis tournaments for adults and juniors                      

  • Tennis Leagues - an outdoor area tennis league open to the public on a seasonal basis for a period of up 6-8 weeks. Interested participants will need to register on this website with a free USTA number. All participants will need to register for a free USTA number by creating an account at                                               

  • Tennis Clinics and Drop-In Play - a tennis activity available to the general public and benefit to MCTA members that includes an instructor to introduce a tennis skill-building exercise, followed by free play with participants.        

  • Tennis Tournaments (Adult and Junior events) - a schedule and registration links for official MCTA-hosted tournaments endorsed by the USTA, along with other Mid-Columbia region tournament offerings at public and private facilities (open to the general public).

MCTA Equipment Tennis Distribution Flyer.png

Tri-Cities Tennis League Series

The Tri-Cities Tennis League is a new outdoor tennis league hosted by the Mid-Columbia Tennis Association as a certified United States Tennis Association (USTA) Community Tennis Association (CTA) in our area. MCTA's mission supports the growth of tennis in the community and strives to make the game more accessible and affordable for adults (18+) and youth (18-and-under) that are looking for more play on public courts.


The league will require all participants to obtain a free USTA account number by registering at Each league participant need to register on the League page by clicking on "Join A Team".

Any additional leagues scheduled will be posted in this Leagues page and may include different types of leagues based on gender, skill and age (possible junior 18-and-under league).

MCTA Community Tennis USTA Website.PNG

Sign-Up for Rec Tennis in the Parks!

Learning tennis in the Tri-Cities has never been easier than with our RecTennis tennis programs. Choose from a variety of options for youth, teens, and adults of all ages. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced player that is more interested in tennis for fun than the competitive circuit, Tri-Cities tennis programs from RecTennis give you plenty of options.

Need More Ways to Play Tennis?

Rec Tennis isn't your only option for playing tennis. Visit our Play page to see some of the other ways to play tennis. Get the latest news.

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