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MCTA is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) in Washington State and are affiliated with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) as a certified Community Tennis Association (CTA). Our mission is to "To grow the lifelong sport of tennis throughout the Mid-Columbia community by providing equipment, opportunity & resources.”


Our non-profit organization started over 20 years ago when the late Phyllis Meyers, an avid tennis player at the Columbia Basic Racquet Club (CBRC), passed away in 1998. Phyllis Meyers left a legacy of giving back to the tennis community and young players. Since then, the Phyllis Meyers Tennis Association was established and has been helping grow tennis in the Tri-Cities. In memory of her love for the game of tennis her husband, Art, wanted to create a scholarship fund that would allow kids the ability to afford tennis. With the help of CBRC, Art organized a tennis tournament to raise a scholarship fund for underprivileged kids to play tennis and take lessons.


Every November for the past several years, the PMTA has traditionally held a round-robin tennis tournament that has evolved into a local tennis favorite known as the “Turkey Tournament,” where the players vie for a Thanksgiving turkey.  The turkey tournament was officially called the Phyllis Meyer’s Tennis Tournament, in honor of Phyllis Meyers. The turkeys are graciously donated by the Yoke’s of Tri-Cities supermarket.  All the funds go towards helping kids who may not have the means to pick up the game of tennis.


MCTA Established

In 2014, the Phyllis Meyers’ Tennis Association elevated to a full non-profit 501(c)(3) and expanded the mission beyond CBRC to help kids who were not directly affiliated with the tennis clubs. By 2015, the Phyllis Meyers’ Tennis Association changed its name to the Mid-Columbia Tennis Association and repurposed its mission to be more involved year-round. Exposing more kids and tennis in elementary and middle schools became our primary focus to create a new influx of tennis players into the local Tri-City community and greater Mid-Columbia region of Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon. Our secondary focus is to grow the sport of tennis in the Mid-Columbia area for the current and future generations of all ages to explore their love for the game.

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MCTA Mission

As of 2016, our vision has grown to another level. The Phyllis Meyers Tennis Association name has been retired.  It was never meant to grow past the CBRC boundaries.  Under a new board and a new energized vision, we are officially known as the Mid Columbia Tennis Association.


Since 2019, MCTA has expanded its mission as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and officially partnered with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) as a registered Community Tennis Association (CTA). Over the past five years, MCTA has been able to help more school programs and community organizations based upon the need thanks to our generous donors and fundraising activities.

For example, MCTA supports school programs such as K-5 physical education and middle/high school tennis teams by providing used and, in some cases, new equipment kits (e.g. ball carts, ball hoppers, balls, nets, shoes, clothing items and racquets) that are essential to helping students play tennis.  MCTA also helps tennis program by providing playing opportunities through tournaments, summer team tennis, and/or hands-on clinics to beginner and novice players on the basics and fundamentals in a fun and educational way.  Finally, MCTA helps individuals, organizations, and tennis programs with resources (USTA Net Generation curriculum, how to play the game, where to find tennis activities, partners and programs, etc.). For example, coaches are often looking for drills and games to implement into practice, along with information on playing opportunities and activities to build tennis skills year-round.


Each year, the MCTA hosts a Wine & Racquets fundraiser and silent auction, in conjunction with the “Turkey Tournament,” held annually the over the two weekends before Thanksgiving at CBRC and the Pacific Clinic.

Mark Watson, President

Will Taylor, Vice President

Jodi Landefeld, Secretary

Annette Rose, Treasurer

Deborah Wall, Officer

Nick Mercer, Officer

Chrissy Morgan, Officer

Kris Berg, Officer

Delt Clark, Officer

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