Michael T Khounnala, Treasurer

Chrris Bond, Secretary

William Taylor, Officer

Mark Monopoly, Officer

Mark Watson, Officer


Our non profit organization started tens of years ago when the late Phyllis Meyers passed away.  Her husband, Art, wanted to create a scholarship fund that would allow kids the ability to afford tennis.  With the help of Columbia Basin Racquet Club, it was able to take root.

This scholarship fund is best known to the Tri City tennis community as Phyllis Meyers Tennis Association.  And every November, the PMTA holds a round robin tennis tournament where the players vie for a Thanksgiving turkey.  The turkeys are graciously donated by the local Albertson's supermarket.  And again, all the funds go towards helping kids who may not have the means to pick up the game of tennis.


By 2014, the PMTA broadened its scope to help kids who were not directly affiliated with the tennis clubs.  Exposing kids to tennis in elementary and middle schools became our focus to create a new influx of tennis players into the community.  Our secondary focus is to grow the sport of tennis in the Mid Columbia area to the point where we hope it becomes the region's primary sport.

Our vision has grown to another level as of 2016.  The Phyllis Meyers Tennis Association name has been retired.  It was never meant to grow past the CBRC boundaries.  So under a new board and a new energized vision, we are now known as the Mid Columbia Tennis Association.  Our motto is, "To grow the sport of tennis by providing equipment, resources, and information in the Mid Columbia."

Contact us: 

PO Box 713, Richland, WA 99352-0713

(309) 256-3981